WEEKEND ESCAPE 3D/2N Dive & Cruise USD $750

The M/Y Vasco welcomes non-divers on ther weekend escape cruises to Oslob , Sumilon and Cabilao. You can swim with the gentle whale sharks in Oslob and appreciate the coral gardens of Sumilon and Oslob. Charter the whole boat for your family and friends and we promise you a once in a lifetime holiday in one of the most beautiful tropical settings on the planet.

Schedules: Friday to Sunday

Day 1:  Friday

- Boarding 5:00 - 6:30 pm

- 7:00 pm boat briefing with welcome drink

- Dinner 9:00 pm lift anchor overnight passage to Oslob

Day 2: Saturday - OSLOB
Oslob is now the year round host to the whale sharks and one of the few places in the world where you can dive with them in clear and shallow waters. Please follow the rules set for interacting with them to avoid injury to both divers and these gentle giants.


8 am - Breakfast
9 am - Dive/snorkel with the whalesharks
11 am - Dive/snorkel with the whalesharks
12 pm - Lunch on board/depart for Sumilon

2:30 pm - Dive/Snorkel in Sumilon 
6:30 pm - Night dive in Sumilon
7:30 pm - Dinner on board
9 pm - Depart for Cabilao

Day 3: Sunday - CABILAO
Cabilao diving is an excellent mix of vistas of pristine soft and hard corals as well as macro critters galore. Expect to find steep walls decorated with gorgonians. The shallower reef  areas are where seahorses, frogfishes, several types of ghost pipefish, blue ring octopus and  nudibranchs abound.

cabilao dive-vasco

7 am - 1st dive Cabilao 
8 - 9:30 am - Heavy Breakfast
10:30 am - 2nd dive  Cabilao
12 noon- Lunch on board
1:30 pm - 3rd last dive  Cabilao
3 pm - Lift anchor for Mactan
5:30 pm - Light meal ( Pasta and make your own burger bar)

8 - 9 pm - Disembark Mactan